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Bearcats & Tigers Traveled to McCurtain County for Meet


acorn-hs-girls-webThe Mena Bearcats and Acorn Tigers participated in the McCurtain County Cross-Country Invitational Monday, October 10th at Idabel Country Club in Idabel, Oklahoma.

In Senior Boys Team results: The Acorn Tigers placed 3rd with a time of 1:27:42.85. The Mena Bearcats took 5th with 1:30:51.19.

In Senior Boys Individual results, 3rd place went to Clint Buck, Mena, 15:28.28; 9th – Kenny Denley, Acorn, 16:36.94; 11th – Robert McIntyre, Mena, 16:41.91; 17th – Matthew Chaney, Acorn, 17:10.81; 20th – Brady Lyle, Acorn, 17:22.94; 24th – Aaron Baker, Acorn, 17:41.44; 38th -Joseph Looney, Mena, 18:30.41; 43rd – Chad Sutton, Acorn, 18:50.72; 55th – Dylynn Hayner, Acorn, 19:54.47; 57th – Dennis Kirsch, Mena, 20:04.84; 59th – Fredrick Gudim, Mena, 20:05.75; 60th – Jeff Lewis, Acorn, 20:43.84; 74th – Mason Stout, Acorn, 22:50.62; 75th – Jack Ha, Acorn, 22:54.38.

In Senior Girls Team results: Acorn High School placed 3rd in a time of 1:13:52.59.

In Senior Girls Individual results, Morgan Fagan, Acorn, placed 6th in a time of 13:44.00; 11th – Faith Hill, Acorn, 13:49.15; 16th – Kendra Branson, Acorn, 14:19.25; 27th – Brittany Wilhite, Acorn, 15:04.41; 37th – Evie Smith, Mena, 15:47.59; 61st – Harly Dearing, Acorn, 16:55.78; 66th – Makenzie Goss, Acorn, 17:26.94.

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