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Child Abuse Prevention Rally to be Held Thursday


A Child Abuse Prevention Rally will be held in Mena on Thursday, April 27th at the Mercy Child Advocacy Center of Mena. The rally is being held in conjunction with Child Abuse Awareness Month in April.

Throughout the state of Arkansas there are Child Advocacy Centers [CAC’s], each serving the victims of child abuse. Mena’s CAC is a satellite center, under the Cooper Anthony Advocacy Center, and serves the Polk County Area. Karen Wright, director of the Cooper Anthony Advocacy Center in Hot Springs, said she is thankful that they were able to expand services to Mena, “There is a real need in the Mena area.”

As a way to raise awareness of the needs of child abuse victims and to educate on the services that can be provided, the Mena center will host the rally at the center, 400 Port Arthur Avenue, Mena, at noon on April 27th.

At the rally there will be 66 pinwheels placed in the ground that represent 66 different children who came through the center’s doors to get help last year. “The Mena center is making and will continue to make a real difference in the fight against child abuse,” Wright said proudly.

The rally will educate people in the community about the needs of child abuse victims and will acknowledge those in the medical profession and law enforcement that have fought tirelessly for abused children. “Our true heroes are the people on the front line. By front line we mean the people that are seeking justice for these kids and helping make all this possible.”

Last year, Elena Cannon was named Superhero for her work as an investigator through the 18th West Judicial Task Force. Everyone is welcome to attend the event. For more information, call 501-622-2531.

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