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County Fair Horticulture Entries


Just one more week until the fair!  This is an exciting time for many that like to enter their handicrafts, art, photographs, flowers, plants and garden produce, hoping to win a ribbon.  Entries for the Education Building will be taken on Tuesday, September 1, from noon to 6:00 pm.  Fresh cut flowers and baked goods are the exception – bring them on Wednesday morning, September 2, from 7:30 am until 10:00 am.  Judging is Wednesday afternoon and we want everything to be as fresh as possible.

Horticulture entries include flower arrangements, single flower entries and potted plants.  There is a class for just about anything you might have at home.  You can enter dried flower arrangements, miniatures (one class is for 5” and under), roses, wildflowers, etc.  Single flowers are any variety of one flower on a stem, or one cluster of tiny flowers, such as zinnia, cockscomb or daisy.  In the potted plant section, the container counts as part of the judged entry so make sure it is attractive although it should not overshadow the plant.

Before bringing your horticulture entries to the fair be sure and groom them so they will look their best.  This means trimming any dead leaves, flowers or branches.  Also check the undersides of leaves for any insects.  Any diseased or insect-laden plants will not be accepted.

Farm crops, fruits and vegetables can be entered in another department and can be entered either in the Tuesday or Wednesday time slot mentioned above.  There are 44 classes in this department including onions, corn, honey, watermelons, beans, squash, corn, gourds, etc.

For a complete listing of all classes and rules, consult the Polk County Fair catalog, available at feed stores, banks, the Extension Service and other businesses.

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