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When Don Klos was a grade school student in Westbend, Wisconsin each member of his class was given a different state to do a report on.  As fate, or maybe providence would have it, Klos was given the breathtaking state of Arkansas.  Years later when he was ready to escape the harsh cold winters of his home state he remembered the pictures of the beautiful scenery and the tales of four mild seasons in Arkansas and decided to move to Hot Springs, where he began running a restaurant.

“In 2006 my restaurant was not doing great so I decided to look into refinishing homes.  I thought this was a great opportunity based on the current market, and I trained and began working on homes in Hot Springs in conjunction with my restaurant,” explained Klos.

While he was working in Hot Springs, Klos met his wife, Theresa, a resident of Cove.  They married and he moved his business, Custom Refinishing, to Polk County, an area he has grown to love.  “My wife and I both love country living.  We like the size of Mena, big city living, even cities the size of Hot Springs, well, it just isn’t for us.”

Klos was factory trained in Chicago in 2006 when he began is refinishing business in Arkansas.  In 2010, he purchased the EZ Step Tub to Shower Conversion Franchise for the state of Arkansas.

While Custom Refinishing has built a reputation for itself in Polk County since 2010, Klos has recently added several new areas of business to better serve local residents.  They assist mobility restricted and aging seniors by converting tubs to showers.  They have the knowledge and ability to convert an existing tub to a walk-in shower without tearing the tub out.  Custom Refinishing also handles both a line of handicap sit down whirlpool tubs and custom fitted tub and shower door enclosures.  They also install safety grab bars and build wheel chair ramps.  Recently, Klos became an Arkansas Medicaid Approved Service Provider.

Custom Refinishing refinishes tub and showers, wall tile, floor tile, bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops and has now added the option for customers to have a complete bathroom makeover, as well as interior painting for commercial and residential buildings.  In another exciting addition, Klos has also become a dealer for Alumax tub and shower, a company located in Magnolia, Arkansas.

Their services also span much further than just Polk County, “Our business, located in Cove, Arkansas, offers all our services for 500 miles from our home,” Klos explained, “we will travel.”

Klos and his wife are members of Dallas Avenue Baptist Church where Klos is passionate about his faith.  “For me, Christ comes first, then my family and finally my work and my life.”  The couple has three daughters, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren.  Family is very important to them.

Though born and raised many miles north of western Arkansas, Klos has adjusted well to southern living and has settled in and put down roots. “My wife and I really enjoy the friendly people [of Polk County], the beautiful views, the normal mild climate,” Klos said with a grin as he recounted the recent ice storms and unseasonably cold weather, “and the peaceful setting of our home.  We are thankful to be serving this area.”

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