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Divine Intervention


As a society, we are gradually moving away from the direction of spirit and the concept of divine intervention. More and more we have begun to entertain the perception that science and intellect are the primary elements in perfecting a species – that faith and the power of spirit are not nearly as important as social intimidation and weapons of mass destruction. Maybe the folks who harbor this philosophy are right, but I’m still going to argue the point.

The truth is, everything has its place. You can’t fight terror and wholesale mayhem simply by preaching love and kindness. History is rife with the bones of those who tried. But history is also filled with absolutely remarkable “coincidences” that changed the course of man, from the almost impossible, miraculous victory at The Battle of Tours in 732 AD (which is commonly heralded as the decisive conflict that forced back Muslim advancement across Europe and the Former Western Roman Empire), to the breaking of the German’s almost indecipherable Enigma code machine by a handful of English patriots, which is considered, along with the incredible success of D-Day and Normandy, and the historical rescue of allied troops at Dunkirk, to be nothing short of miracles. But the truth is, there have been dozens, even hundreds of absolutely miraculous events throughout history, recorded in the Bible and other authoritative historical documents from the Far East and the Middle East, to Colonial America. Many of these, if not most, occurred in eleventh-hour situations that often changed the course and the history of mankind.

It’s easy for the pessimist to regard these events as coincidences, luck, or accidents in the rift of time and fate. But the truth is, many of us, the simple folks of this earth, have experienced events that have saved our lives, changed our fates, or redirected our existences, and we have no logical explanations for these happenings, other than divine intervention. I know it can be argued that if there is such a divine control, why aren’t things better than they are on this planet? I would argue that I think God is doing the best he can, with what he has to work with.

We must all learn to listen to that small, quiet voice. God will orchestrate events as we align ourselves to the plan he has for us. The less arrogant and blindly egotistical we are, and the more we listen rather than complain, the more likely it is that, like the blind pig, we will occasionally be delivered an acorn. I love the expression: “Breathe in the rare air of peaceful certainty. You may find it addicting.”

I think it’s odd, how often those folks who scoff at divine intervention will fall to their knees the moment their futures are challenged by hazard and uncertainty. Truth is, there are no atheists in foxholes, just resurrected believers.

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