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Downtown Cash Mob Celebrates 2nd Birthday

On October 12th, the Downtown Cash Mob will celebrate its Second Birthday.  In observance of this, the Mayor signed a proclamation recognizing their efforts to promote downtown.  Since the first Mob in October, 2017, there have been 24 Mobs.  The Cash Mob has met on every second Saturday; there have been no cancellations or rescheduling.  Because of the Mob activities, downtown has received a great amount of free publicity and continues to do so.  Patrons who show up for the Mob differ somewhat each month with dozens participating in this activity.  During the 24 Mob shopping events, over $20,000 has been spent by these dedicated shoppers.  In addition, after the Mobs these participants frequently shop or eat downtown which benefits Mena.

Pictured from left to right: Judy Thompson, Mena Downtown Partners Liason; Mayor Seth Smith; Jackie Palmer, Mena Downtown Partner member with The Pulse; and cash mobster – Shelia Prestenbark.

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