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Exotic Cars Blaze The Blacktop in Mena While Traveling for Charity

by Jamie Hammack

Dallas, Texas and mid-western states based members of EDC, Exotic Drive Club, made a stop in Mena on Friday for meal before continuing their journey.

Their drive is a part of the Blue Line Rally, a fundraiser for law enforcement.

The rally is an 800 mile drive for members in exotic cars making stops and taking in scenery.

After leaving Mena the exotics began to drive up Rich Mountain and continue into Oklahoma and the Winding Stair Mountains on the Talimena Scenic Byway. On Saturday the cars stopped in Decatur, Arkansas and it’s Crystal Lake Airport for the afternoon where folks paid for the experience of going better than 150mph on the runway in one of the super cars.

After the public portion of the evening was over the cars went head to head in drag racing down the airstrip.

Speaking of, the cars are a who’s who of top Euro exotics and super cars that you would normally see on an episode of the BBC’s Top Gear. Porsche’s, Lamborghini’s, BMW M Series, Maserati’s, Mercedes AMG’s and others were along for the drive.

Members of EDC paid from $199 to $2,495 each to participate in the Blue Line Rally with 100% of the proceeds go to the Decatur PD and Rogers FOP.

According to their website the Exotic Drive Club host exclusive events for exotic car owners and they partner with various charities and non-profits.

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