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HHE Celebrates Book Character Day

On Friday, November 15, Holly Harshman Elementary celebrated Book Character Day by dressing up as a character from their favorite book.  A parade was held in the halls and was led by Mrs. Sherrer and Mrs. Tedder.  Students and teachers alike, enjoyed this day of fun.

Three winners were chosen from each class (pictured above), voted upon by fellow classmates.

Mrs. Brevik – Riley Gilbert, Kyleigh Johnson, Laticia Vasquez

Mrs. Lynch – Brenna Aynes, Ciara Lance, Ally Wright/Destiny Durham

Mrs. Sikes – Damon Clark, Allie Martin, Tori Evans

Mrs. Seals – Dustin Poor, Indy Lewis/Cory Tyler, Andrea Maechler

Mrs. Posey – Carlee Lewis, November Czarnetski, Emily Wagner

Mrs. Wimberly – Davy McDonald, Haley Hooper, Logan & Bryce Fairless

Mrs. Clark – Maxx Castillo, Brenna Smith, Tre’ McMillan

Mrs. Curry – John Fagan, Katie Benefield, Alyssa Heifner

Mrs. Graves – Madison Herod, Jaiden Milam, Travis Thrailkill

Mrs. Riley – Lexi Dilbeck, Brayden Lance, Sarah Grenier

Mrs. Franklin – Jack Tedder, Lexi Williams, Kyra Stephens

Mrs. Wells – Wilson Hughes, Nijah White, Rachel Pennington

Mrs. Woodral – Evelynn Ellis, Logan Roberts, Tristan Johnson

Mrs. Ford – Kailie Brewer, Kaytlin Denton, Matthew McClain

Mrs. Castor – Jaccey Boyd, Saira Castillo, Selena James

Mrs. Stroud – Rebecca England, Charlie Mode, Mackenzie Vincent

Mrs. Smart – Abby Smith, Silas McIntyre, Beau Bledsoe

Mrs. Montgomery – Alex Rocha, Emmi Hines, Keira Hall

Mrs. Cox – Madi Lyle, Addi Wood, Brayden Stockton

Mrs. Smith – Mitchell Poor, Paul O’Brien

Ms. Shelley – Susan Cook, Jamie Holt

Check back throughout the day for more photos of your favorite book characters!

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