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Inaugural Jim Richardson Memorial Cup to be Held


The Ouachita Men’s Golf Association hosts an annual tournament in which, similar to the PGA’s FedEx Cup, the golfer’s scores are recorded throughout the entire season, which lasts through daylight savings.  This tournament was recently renamed the Jim Richardson Memorial Cup, after OMGA member, Jim Richardson who passed away from complications of a heart valve replacement in September of 2013.

Richardson was an avid golfer who had moved to Polk County with his wife, Lorelei in 2010.  “Golf was Jim’s passion.  He loved his family, but he really loved to golf.  Jim made everyone feel like they were his best friend.  He really enjoyed his golfing buddies,” Lorelei explained.

“Jim was a real competitor, if we were playing at ten, he was here at nine,” explained Danny Miller, Jim’s golfing partner.  “He knew he had to have a valve replaced and he put it off until late September because he wanted to compete in the final OMGA tournament, which he won.  He also wanted to convalesce while the Razorbacks were playing so he could watch them,” Miller added with a grin.  “Jim went to the hospital and never came back.  I went before the OMGA and suggested we name this award after him and everyone overwhelmingly agreed.”  Chuck Ruimel added, “Jim was a big part of everyone’s life.  When we would come out to play, he was always there.  He fit right in from the start and immediately got involved.”

“Jim moved here about 3 years ago and joined our club. He was a very good golfer, almost a scratch golfer, and he was well liked by everyone, always willing to help anyone improve their game.  We keep track of our golfer’s points and the winner will win this trophy and some money.  After three months they will return the trophy and it will be back up on the wall.  Winner’s names will be engraved on the side, yearly.  It will be presented on October 11 at 9:30 a.m. by his wife, Lorelei,” explained OMGA President, Bob Tillman.

“It’s just incredible that in the three years that Jim was here he touched so many people.  It’s a great honor that they named this award after him.  He would be so proud. This just means the world to me,” said Lorelei.


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