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Merrick to Hold Book Signing


Logan Merrick, Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church in Mena, will have a book signing today to promote his story of loss and redemption. The book signing will take place at First Baptist Church, 811 Port Arthur Street, Mena, at 7 p.m., on Monday, December 15.

In the book, Chasing Dreams Killing Idols: A Story of Almost Famous, Merrick tells of chasing his dreams, losing himself along the way, and learning that only through Christ could he find his way back.

Merrick was given the gift of music and chose to chase his dreams, starting a band. He wanted to use the band to “show others the glory of God through music.” He realized that it wasn’t all he thought it would be. Merrick said, “In the end, it ultimately became my downfall. My downfall as a friend, a husband, a father, but more importantly, as a believer in Jesus Christ.”

“What God showed me through it all was that these dreams that I had, they became an idol in my life,” stated Merrick. He explained, “We see idols as these ancient pagan things, but what we don’t understand is, everything can be your idol if it has your affection, if it has all of your devotion, your time, your money. Dreams are a great thing. They’re a good thing but when they take the place of God, it’s an idol.”

Through his experiences, he offers insight on how to spot the idols in your life and illustrates how to chase a God-given dream without allowing it to become your spiritual demise.

To learn more about Merrick’s book, visit and use the search bar to find his book trailer. Books are available at, all proceeds go towards fighting child sex trafficking.


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