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Myths of Senior Assisted Living


Senior assisted living communities are designed to empower individuals to maintain the independence they have come to enjoy.  At the same time, community living provides friendship and companionship.  Senior assisted living communities provide seniors with many options to make sure they feel right at home.

Despite the great advantages of community living, making the decision to move is a difficult one for many seniors and their families.  Listed below are some common myths about senior assisted living that may help you understand the benefits of this option that may be best for your loved one.

Myth: I don’t want to give up my independence!  Truth:  Your own space without the hassles.  Privacy and independence should be maintained when living in a senior assisted living community.  Most communities provide you with a choice of spacious apartments with different floor plans and separate entrances.  You are free to furnish your apartment with your own furniture and personal items.  The doors to your apartment lock, and are controlled by you.  You should also feel at home and absolutely secure in your environment.

Myth: My loved ones need to live with me just in case something happens and they need help.  Truth: Help is just a call away.  Senior assisted living communities allow you and your loved ones to relax, freeing all to pursue enjoyable activities.  These communities are designed to reduce worry that often comes from living alone.  Features are in place to respond quickly and immediately to you in the event you need someone to help you.

Myth:  I won’t know anyone and I will have to leave what I love doing.  Truth: Opportunities to make new friends and to try new hobbies.  Studies have shown that people who are active and engaged are healthier and happier.  Extensive activity programs give all residents options and choices tailored to their specific needs, desires and even lifestyle.  These programs reduce the isolation felt when living alone.

As we get older, our lives change – often in unexpected ways.  You don’t have to be alone in facing these changes.  Senior assisted living is a viable option and can enhance your quality of life empowering you to live that life the way you wish.

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