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Rose Sentenced to 36 Years


Lori Rose was back in Polk County Circuit Court today before the Honorable Judge Ted Capeheart who officially sentenced her to 36 years. Rose, who was convicted on Tuesday, October 21, of 4 charges, Aggravated Residential Burglary, Aggravated Assault, Domestic Battery (2nd Degree), and Terroristic Threatening (2nd Degree) for the shooting of Billy Vaught in his home November 23, 2013.

The jury rendered the guilty verdict in 26 minutes and recommended a total of 72 years in prison for Rose.

Judge Capeheart stayed the 24 years recommended on Aggravated Residential Burglary, 3 years for each of the lesser charges, and 12 years on each of the Enhanced Gun Penalty on all 4 charges. The original 4 charges will run concurrently with one another totaling 24 years. However, he ruled that the enhanced sentences could run concurrently with each other, but consecutively with the 24 years, making the total sentence 36 years. As long as Rose earns the ‘maximum meritorious good time’ allowed she may be eligible for parole in 9 years.

Prosecuting Attorney Andy Riner stated, “In a case that has been surrounded in public scrutiny and rumors, at the end of the trial, there were 12 people who had received all of the facts to the case and were burdened with the very heavy decision of determining Ms. Rose’s fate. One of the virtues of our democratic system is that it was designed to allow 12 citizens taken from a cross section of our community to decide important questions. For their efforts, jurors receive little pay, but we who work in the legal system appreciate their service and respect the decision made.”

The defense moved to allow Rose out of jail for 24 hours to set her affairs in order but Judge Capeheart denied the motion. She was immediately remanded to the custody of Arkansas Department of Corrections.


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