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Storey Publishes Book on His ‘Coast to Coast’ Journey

By LeAnn Dilbeck –



At age 65, Brad Storey, a retired painting contractor and father of four, decided to take his dog for a long, long walk…dipping one toe in the Atlantic Ocean in Georgia and then walking across the country to finish his walk by dipping his toes in the Pacific Ocean in California. He has now had a book published about the experience, appropriately titled Coast to Coast.

A true adventurist, Storey said he had to conquer many fears as he and his exquisite Siberian Husky, Xena, made their journey across the country. He said for as long as he could remember he had always wanted to do something on a “grand-scale.” Bringing added awareness to the Audubon Society, through his adventure, he was able to raise almost $2,500.

The book began, first, by Storey wanting to write about the experience for his family, children and grandchildren mostly. He had maintained a diary that he recorded the adventure in so that no details were left out. From there, the project snowballed into a full-blown book project.

The book is laced with actual excerpts from Storey’s diary posts and interesting snapshots of the journey. He even shares parts of the journey from Xena’s point of view.

Most nights were spent in a tent or under a bridge/overpass, except on almost a dozen nights where Storey participated in an on-line service, called “Couch Surfers.” He occasionally stayed with friends, fellow Audubon members, or a motel but the lion’s share of the journey was spent with just he and Xena in a tent…135 nights of the 7-month journey to be exact.

As most would imagine, he said the most challenging trek of the journey was in the west and through the desert. Storey said unlike the East, there were no convenience stores and said that in those first miles, he quickly became a convenience store connoisseur.

Storey said the entire adventure was filled with unforeseen struggles, inexplicable good fortune and many interesting encounters with unusual people that he believes has greatly enriched his life.

The Skyline Cafe will be hosting Brad Storey for an official book signing on August 3 from 7 a.m. until Noon where the book will be available for purchase as well.

If you’ve always wanted a coast to coast adventure and unable to make the journey yourself, experience it through Storey’s book!

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