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The Hair Fairy – Creating a Princess in You


“I’ve always been a fan of fairies and imagination and I know sometimes they are seen in a negative light, but I wanted to make something positive out of them and name my shop after something I enjoy, so I came up with The Hair Fairy and I love it,” explained Kristin Nichols.

A 1989 graduate of Mena High School, Nichols was born and raised in Polk County, Arkansas.  Immediately following graduation, she began working on her cosmetology license at Dana’s School of Cosmetology.  A colorist, Nichols is an expert in hair color and mixology and is always looking for new techniques and knowledge.

Nichols opened her first salon, Sagebrush Salon, in 1991, on Highway 71 North.  “I hired my night instructor from Cosmetology School, Diane Rotter, to work with me.  I learned so much from her during that time,” said Nichols.  Before long Nichols moved, and for the next several years worked in several different places in Arkansas.

Aside from cosmetology, Nichols followed in the footsteps of her mother, local realtor, Mary Story, and obtained her real estate license in 1993.  For years she sold real estate, while maintaining her cosmetology on the side.

Thirteen years ago, Nichols married her husband, Lucas.  “Coming back to Mena and opening a salon was my dream and he has really encouraged me.  He is my backbone of support, I couldn’t do it without him,” explained Nichols.  A homeschooling mother, Nichols has three children: Tanner, a member of the United States Air Force; and Karley and Tracer, whom she educates at home.  “We have a music ministry, a bluegrass gospel group, and we travel so much and homeschooling has allowed us the right amount of freedom.  It was just right for us,” Nichols said.

After many years on the road, in October of 2014, Nichols came back to her roots and opened The Hair Fairy, a full service salon.  Aside from her strength in Paul Mitchell brand hair color, Nichols offers acrylic nails, nail art, manicures, pedicures, and aromatherapy with Doterra Essential Oils.  She also specializes in razor and precision cuts, all in her charming shop, located at 804 Highway 71 South in Mena.  “I have done a lot of traveling and I feel like God just showed me I needed to do this again.  Every person that comes in here has told me that they felt compelled to come and they have all been such a blessing to me!  It’s not all about the hair; every conversation manages to turn into a spiritual one.  I call this the ‘Venus Fly Trap,’ they don’t know what they are getting in to when they come in here,” said Nichols with a laugh.  “I thought the name would knock men off but they have shocked me and I’ve worked with a lot of men, hunters and loggers come in and they love it!”

With the assistance of her husband and her mother, Nichols has created a fun and vibrant atmosphere in her shop.  “I couldn’t have done this without my mom.  God worked so much through her and she has helped me so much getting started.  I love art, especially paint and I feel like my personality is really just blown up in here, everyone has really loved it,” explained Nichols.

The Hair Fairy’s posted hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 am until 5:30 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am until her last scheduled appointment.  “While I have my hours, I do want the public to be aware that evening and after hours appointments are available.  I am flexible, just call 479.394.8037 and make an appointment,” Nichols said.

“These are my people.  I was born and raised here and I love the people.  I also love the way the town is tucked away in the mountains.  I’m like Dorothy, I believe there is no place like home,” said Nichols.  “This is my safe zone, my security blanket.  I’m so thankful to be back here.”

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