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The Polk County Pulse Launches New On-Line Publication:

By Melanie Buck

The Polk County Pulse has launched a brand new on-line publication, The new site is now live. “We couldn’t be more excited at this launch,” said owners David and LeAnn Dilbeck.

“This now puts us in the ‘daily’ market. We will be posting items on a daily basis and depending on events, throughout the day.  Our loyal readers no longer have to wait until Wednesday to get the heartbeat of their community. It’s at their fingertips, 24/7, and it’s always current,” said LeAnn.

She also explained that the audience has instantly expanded because the publication is no longer confined to a distribution area. She said they already mail many subscriptions outside the state and its popularity has been growing in the neighboring counties. The development of the site has been in high demand by even people in the local area.  “Now no matter where you are, you…or even your Ma-Maw in Seattle, can access the news for this area.”

The site will not only offer news but also offer on-line obituaries that will be kept current, and posted as soon as they are submitted from the funeral homes. will also feature Business/Church of the Week, Citizen of the Week, Police Report, Polk County Arts with updated stories from the Ouachita Little Theatre and the Mena Art Gallery, Anniversaries/Engagements/Births as well as Schools/Youth News.  “Our Editorials/Commentary page will not just feature articles from columnist Michael Reisig and state legislators but will also include up-to-date press releases issued by federal legislators, U.S. Representative Tom Cotton and U.S. Senator John Boozman,” she added.

“It’s very similar to the print version but yet, The Polk County Pulse and, are each their own publication and will offer their own unique features,” said LeAnn.

The site is very dynamic and interactive. After each story, readers will have the opportunity to share the story via popular social media. “We’re also excited because of the increased value this site will mean to our advertisers. We are able to put their customers, or potential customers, through their front door, so to speak, as never before because visitors at can click on the ad and it will take them directly to the advertisers’ website or their Facebook page.”

Another awesome feature is the Calendar of Events. “In the paper, we only have the space to do one week at a time, but at, you can look at it by the day, by the week, or by the month. You can look ahead to December and see what’s scheduled if you want to. Plus, if the address is supplied to us for the event, we can plug that in and Google Maps automatically pops up and shows the location and will also coordinate with navigation systems to direct them to your location,” said LeAnn.

David added, “Another feature we think will be very popular is our on-line classifieds which functions much like a ‘Craig’s List.’ It’s all broken down by category, you can add photos, and potential buyers can correspond with the seller, all within the site. Again, the visibility of your listing is no longer confined to our distribution but can be viewed anywhere. Plus, they are posted for 30 days so you’re not having to remember to run by or call the paper to place or renew your ad every Monday. If you want to post from your recliner at midnight, you can. Or, maybe it’s a garage sale and you missed the paper deadline, you can post it on Thursday for the very next day.” For an introductory period, ALL on-line classifieds will be offered for free.

The site is responsive to any device, meaning it readjusts to the screen of your smart phone, iPad, Tablet, etc.

“We’ve watched the trend and this is just where the industry is going. We’re able to offer it with no subscriptions thanks to the local business community who continually show their support and we’re thrilled to be giving them a broader visibility and the interaction with customers. Businesses will have the option of advertising in our print issue, on-line, or both!” commented LeAnn. “We recognize going on-line isn’t for everyone and for that reason we don’t want anyone thinking we’re going to discontinue The Polk County Pulse print version. It will continue to be printed and distributed as long as it receives the advertising revenue necessary to publish it. Since it is free, advertising is its only source of revenue. It will still have certain features within it, like the puzzles, best e-mail, American History, etc., that won’t be found on-line.”

The Polk County Pulse first began publication in 2007. D&L Publishing, LLC, owned and operated locally by David and LeAnn Dilbeck, purchased the publication in August of 2008 and remain the sole owners of the now two publications.  They credit the popularity of the paper not only to the fact that it is a free publication made possible by the local advertisers, but also the content. “The news is filled with all of the bad stories and while we can’t ignore those as a legitimate news publication, we do try to balance them with the positive stories that reflect what makes this community great. Plus, we’re not afraid to tell the stories that are glorifying to God…we desire to tell those that will be inspiring and encouraging.”

She added, “I truly hope everyone appreciates the local business community who has stepped up from the very first issues in 2007 to support our effort to provide a free community based news publication. Without them, neither publication would be possible. We are also eternally grateful for our Pulse team, who has embraced the concept, shown incredible work ethic and dedication in getting this built. We could not have done this without them and the good Lord above!” said LeAnn.

Excited about the future and the endless possibilities offered through today’s technology, the couple explained that the launch of this site is just the first phase of much more to come, “We’re just getting started!”