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The Pulse Goes Back to School


Students of Holly Harshman Elementary began using iPads in the classroom setting last year but, as of this week, is using a local media source combined with that technology to bring new life to journalism.

The 4th grade literacy classes are now including The Polk County Pulse’s online publication,, as part of their non-fiction unit and helps to satisfy Common Core requirements. Students are, in particular, enjoying seeing photos of themselves posted on the School/Youth pages but teachers have also been very complimentary of the ease of navigation and its usefulness in the unit, “The students take notes on a particular article and then report in class on the 5 W’s…It’s a great resource!” said literacy teacher, Marsha Riley.

Pam Curry, another literacy teacher, said her class is also enjoying incorporating the technology with the journalism, “Technology is the avenue our kids are traveling in learning today. Electronic gives them a wonderful resource to activate those technology skills.”curry-instruction-3

LeAnn Dilbeck, Publisher/Editor of The Pulse, said she and her staff are continually excited and encouraged to see the growth and usefulness of the site. “We had big hopes when we launched the site on July 31 and all of our goals were surpassed within a couple of days … but now even being able to engage young readers with community news just puts it on yet another level for us.  We’ve surpassed 175,000 views since launching just over 90 days ago and have just under 15,000 active visitors … which completely blows our minds! But one of the main things is we are thoroughly enjoying being able to report on a daily basis plus the interaction the readers have with the stories when posted on social media. It has just changed the whole game for us.”