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Tibbs Honored for Driving Vets More than 200,000 Miles


Nina Tibbs, longtime driver for Disabled American Veterans (DAV) was recently honored for her miles of service to the organization. Tibbs has driven 227,298 miles over the last decade, all to Little Rock and North Little Rock, taking veterans to the hospital and doctors appointments.

Tibbs will celebrate her eleventh year in August. DAV Commander, James Scott, said Tibbs is an outstanding driver and driving that many miles for the cause is “phenomenal.” Tibbs was given a special plaque to commemorate her achievement by the local DAV and DAVA (Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary).

On top of Tibbs’ regular driving, she also volunteers her time through DAV. She and other local drivers were honored in a ceremony in Little Rock recently as well. Tibbs has volunteered 10,536 hours of her time and has transported 3,475 veterans. Fellow honorees included Bob Young, Tawana Gilbert, James Scott, Bob Lancaster, Wallis Clark, and Jimmy Dedmon.


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