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Undefeated Bearcats Set to Crush Bauxite During this Week’s Homecoming


If you haven’t been keeping up with Mena Bearcats High School Football, now would be the time to start. Dubbed the ‘Cardiac Cats’ by Head Coach Tim Harper, they are proving to be a great team with a great coach.

The Bearcats began the season with a state rank of #21 in Class 4A. However, after 5 consecutive weeks of Friday night play, they have moved to #5 with a record of 5-0.

Not only are the Bearcats winning, they are dominating the opposition. With winning scores reaching into the 40s and 50s range and in some games doubling the opposition’s scores, they’ve proven to have a great offense and defense, a double trouble package for their opponents.

The first three games began roughly in the first half but the Cats came back strong in the second halves to grab the wins, whether at home or away. “How about them Cardiac Cats,” said Head Coach Tim Harper following the home field win over the Hot Springs Trojans. “God sure is good! These kids played their hearts out! I’m so proud of every one of them!”

However, in the last two weeks they played their first two conference games, dominating the field since the first kick-off and defeating both Ashdown and Malvern.

This Friday night the Bearcats are set to play the Bauxite Miners for the first time as they celebrate

Preserving Bearcat heritage, the Bearcat Foundation, Inc.'s float was 16 former Mena Homecoming Queens.
Preserving Bearcat heritage, the Bearcat Foundation, Inc.’s float was 16 former Mena Homecoming Queens.

Homecoming at Bearcat Stadium. Bauxite has a current record of 3-2, one of those losses was to Malvern, a team Mena beat last week. As the Bearcats have entered a new conference, Class 4A-7, they are showing their pride in a big way. Coach Harper said, “They’ve been working extremely hard. They are excited and want to represent Mena well.”

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