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Vandervoort Elementary’s Annual Soft Seven Tournament

Vandervoort Elementary held its annual multiplication Soft Seven tournament on Friday, April 7. Soft Seven is a fun, competitive, self-paced math fact fluency computer game. It is as engaging as it is challenging. Vandervoort uses Soft Seven as a tool to increase ability, confidence, interest and scores in mathematics. The top 28 students in 3rd through 6th grade competed for one of the eight spots on the Regional team. After two rounds of fierce fact fluency competition, Vandervoort Elementary is proud to announce their 2017 V.E.S. Soft Seven Regional team, in order of highest score: Hunter Hamm, Bradley Wade, Hunter Burke, Nathan Watkins, Elijah Smith, Caylynn Burke, Braylee Jewell, and Austin Bailey. Vandervoort’s Regional team will compete on April 28 in Fort Smith.

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