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“What Christmas Means to Me…”


MS. “G”

Kailee R: To celebrate Jesus birthday. To have my family together. To have fun. To love people you love. To have a great day. To help people who are sick. To have the Christmas spirit. To sit by the fire. To play in the snow.

Kohlea: Christmas isn’t Just about prsents. It’s the day of Jesus’ Birthday. Christmas is about family and Friends. How love and caring for you.

Duncan: Christmas is about Christ. Not opening presents. it’s when we get to go to our friend’s house And get to play with your friend.

Joseph-Clark-on-redSydney: Christmas means to me is Jesus’ Birthday is on Christmas. My family gets together, We go to my grandma and grandpa house and we celebrate Christmas. We pray to the lord and sing grace. We hang are stonking by the tree.

Timothy: Getting to spend time lith my family going to school to do the Christmas play and set up the tree and its all about Santa and his reindeer and especially Rudolph. Without him you could not see. I hope you can do your job.

Aiden: It is not about the presents it’s about spending time with your family.

Gabriel: I finally get to see my grandparents. We spend time together, I have fun being with my whole family. We have fun together. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

George: It means that I love my family. I can spend time together and open presents. I like Christmas and playing in the snow. with my family and friends. I love my family.

Rebecca: Christmas is the time I get to spend time with family and friends and the time my family celebrates Jesus Christs birthday and Pray for our family and friends. We also, will sometimes, we eat not all the time but sometimes we eat food and we say that we care about each other. that is what Christmas means to me.

Kayleigh N: What Christmas means to me is celebrating Jesus birth with my family. It is not about food or presents it’s about how people love you most of all Jesus.

Tyler: Christmas means to me I open presents with my family. We spend time together. See my grandma and grandparents and dress up as elves. Hanging out Christmas lights. Eat a Christmas dinner. And put Christmas pajamasas And go to bed.

 Hailee: Christmas is when the family gets together and sings songs. Christmas is one of my favorit holidays. Christmas when the whole world is happy and filled with joy.

Arayah: That I get too be with my grandpa that is fixing too die. And my family, There for me. They protect me from danger. There my family. Christmas means to me is that is too set the tree up with my grandpa. I love him and he loves me. It means love it means love.



Paul: Christmas means a lot to me because it was baby Jesus’ birthday and I am with my family and we do stuff that is fun like decorateing a tree and drinking hot cocoa. christmas is a time to have fun and celebrate.

James: Christmas means to me a time to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. What makes me happy on Christmas is spending time with my family.

Chloe Brandon: Haveing fun with yuor family, making hot cocoa and praying for Jesus. Just have a great Christmas with your family.

Amy: The thing that means to me is a time to be with my famley.

Damon: Is a time to spend time with my family and open presents. Also, a time to celebrate Jesus’ birthday and have fun with family and play in the snow also make snowmane plus make a snowball.

McKenna: Is a time to be whith my family, my aunt and uncle, and my Grandma and Grandpa. We leave cookies and milk for santa and I decorate my room.

Paige: What Christmas means to be: Jesus’ birthday and spending time with my family, Santa coming, Playing in the snow and decorate the tree with lights.

Kaden: Christmas means to me a time to spend with my family and cousins and aunts. We celebrate Baby Jesus’ birthday with ballons and a cake. We put on party hats and sing happy birthday.

Zach: What Christmas means to me: Jesus’ birthday and spending time with my family and drinking hot cocoa and decorating the tree with ornaments.

Lucas: On Christmas Eve we open one present. and decorate a tree.

Emma: Christmas means to me a time I can spend time with my friends and family. My family gives to the poor.

Mary Claire: Christmas Means to me: getting along with my family and to show that Jesus bled for us and died.

Caden T: Is celebrating Jesus’ birthday and spending time with my famlly. I also get to go out side and build snomen and snow angels the I get to go inside to drink hot cocoa.

 Evan Yu: Christmas means to me a time I get to spend time with my family and celebrate Jesus’ birthday and opening presents. I have things to do also I decorate the tree, I make presents, and I drink hot cocoa. I also eat turkey. If it snows, I will throw a snowball at my cousin.




Jack: That when Joseve was asleep the angeln came out and said Joseve and Merry would have a baby when the baby came out the world was good.

Matthew: Christmas is a holiday to celebrate Jesus birthday. It’s about giving. You can get a chance to prove that you are good. I love Christmas you get presents from Santa. I love Christmas Eve!

Stephanie Linker: Giving, being thankful for what they give you and for what you give them and being nice.

Santiago Maya: Is Jesus birthday and time to spend with the family. A time to be thankful and kind to each other. I give a present. Happy Birthday Jesus!


Sharis Campuzann: Having time with my family. Jesus’s birthday in God. We have a God in Earth it is Jesus’s dad. Giving pre

sents to eac other. A time to be thankful and kind to each other.

Maria Perez: Jesus’s birthday. We have a God in Earth it is Jesus’s dad. When Jesus was born. Giving presents to each other. A time to be thankful and kind to each other.

Evin Frachiseur: GOD and Jesus presents, getting and giveing. Spending time with your family.

River Davis: Giving thanks to God and spending time with my family and God. A time to be thankfull and kind to each other.

Nahomi Ruiz: Have a better life. Family time. Thankful for my family. I am thankful for over newborn king. Spend more time with my family. Happy that God is alwas with me. I am thankful to go to school. I am thankful for the best teacher ever.

Joyce Antunez: We celebrate Jesus’s birthday. And get time whith my family. But we get presents. And we give people presents. Merry Chirstmas!

Sabera: I am thankful fo God’s birthday. I like giveing presents and spending time with my family. God thats what Christmas means to me. God is my favorite. I love God and Jesus and Mary.

 Giovana Gonzalez: God and Jesus is our father and they love us. Some people love Jesus. Sometimes my family and I spend time play when it is Christmas. Sometimes my mom wakes me up when she can not open the door. Christmas is Jesus’s birthday.

Parker: We have a God in Earth it is Jesus’s dad. Spending time with your family and its Jesus’s birth on Christmas Eve. He risked his life over us on the cros

s and God and Jesus were still living and a time to be thankful. We love God and Jesus.

Gustavo: Jesue’s birthday. Giving something to anthor, giving present, eat, having fun and the best Christmas.



Cooper Price: Christmas is a very special time of the year. I like presents because I like to open them, I love my family because on Christmas I get to eat with my family. I like Christmas because no school for two weeks. I love Christmas.

 Sydney Wilson: Christmas is a special time of the year. I love building snow men in the snow. I love opening presents in Christmas Eve. At church whin it is Christmas, we celebrat Jesus’ birthday. This is how I celebrat Christmas.


 Ismael Medina: Christmas means love to me. There’s no school for 2 weeks. I will go to my cousin house to open presents. I selubrat baby Jesus. I love Christmas.

David Ortiz: Christmas means to have fun with my family. I enjoy openin, presents for fun. I worship and see Jesus on his birthday. I really do love Christmas.

Jaylee Pollard: Christmas means many things to me. I like to selebrate his birthday. I Like to open presents because I’m at mama w’s. We get together as a family diner and eat. I love Christmas!

 Nadelyn Ruiz: Christmas means family to me. We can be together. We can selbrate Christmas together. We can go evrywhere together. Christmas has a special meaning to my family and me.

Marlenne Cecilio: Christmas is a wonderful day. I celebrate Christmas with my family in the morning. Opening presents under the tree is my best part. I go to church and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Christmas means all lot of love to me.

Sholeyve Campuzano: Christmas is a special time of the year. We do not have school because it snows. I get to open my presents win it is Christmas. The best of all is Jesus’s birthday on Christmas. I love Christmas time!

 Edwin Trinidad: Christma

s is a wonderful time of the year. I love opening presents on Christmas Eve. I love celebrating Christmas with my family. I love celebrating Jesus birthday. I love Christmas!

 Braden Thomas: Christmas means Jesus’s birthday. My family and I love Jesus and Christmas. Jesus is special and so is Christmas. Christmas is Jesus’s birthday not present day. I am happy that Christmas was made because of Jesus.

 Heidi Turnbough: Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. I love opening presents! Being out of school for two weeks is fun. Being with my family is great. Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

 Kyndra Andrews: Christmas means Jesus, presents, and family. It is Jesuses birthday on Christmas. I love to open my presents, Spending time wi


th famiy is one of the best things ever on Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

 Kevin Aguilar: Christmas means salebrating Jesus birthday. I can go to church to salebrating Jesus’ birthday. Jesus’ birthday

is good. Jesus is strong. Christmas is special to me.

Tallen Richardson: Christmas means a lot to me. Christmas means spending time with my family. Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. Christmas means I don’t have to go to school. I like Christmas.




Patrick: Speding time with my faly and sellvprateing Jesus burthday an Christmas. I like to do that allso but most of all I like to Read the bible. Christmas is not about opening presents or stuffing my self with food but its about caring about echvther a reading the Bible a selprating Jesus burthday.

 Jorden Davis: I think Christmas is fun. I also like my prantnts. I like Christmas so we can spind time wi


th my faily.

 Avalyn Sexton: Christmas is a time of love and joy and happynees for evryone in the world. It’s a time to go out with you’r family.

Emma: Christmas means to me that it’s a special year to me because its Jesuses birthday. I also love that I get to spend time with my family. I also love that its just a speicl time of the year. It also means to me about getting and carling.

 Cooper Plunkett: What Christmas means to me baby Jesuses birthday he was born and put in a mager.


 Lexi Bradley: Christmas means to me when Baby Jesus was born that is what Christmas means to me.

 Rylie Bentley: Christmas means celiberating Jesuse Christ Birthday. Christmas also means spending time with Loved ones. To me it also means being thankful for what I have. It also means being happy and sweat. It also mean showing you care.

Ainsley: Christmas means to me is I git to spind time with my famley. I love Christmas becus I git to go to my naneys hasy. I love Christmas becus suant closhy cums and viits me and gives me prasit.

 Kinley Hall: To me Christmas is about celebrating baby Jesus Birthday. I like playing in the snow. I love spending time with my family, and Watching Christmas Movies.

 John: Christmas is the time of year that you get gifts. It is also a day that you also get to spend time with your family and friend’s. And it is Juses’s Birthday.

 Autumn L: What Christmas means to me Baby Jesuses Birthday he was born and was put in a manger. I love Christmas beacause it is fun to count down to Christmas and open presents on Christmas. I love Christmas!

Amanda June: Christmas means that you can get a lot of presents. And more stuf. And you can get everything that you get.

 Jaden: I will see my Famlly and My frands and my dog to.

Melanie: Christmas mean to me a time when we shaire with uthrs. And we shud shair with peple wah don’t have thigs. I love Christmas becuse I get to go to hoy nony hose for three wole bays and mouk hose. Dakurshuh and poulhte.

Rhett Brotherten: Christmas means I get to spend time with my famlly. I get to open presns with my cusens and frens and famlly.

 Kolbi: Spining time with my family. Having presints with my mom. And dad and sisters and brothers. And cusens and granmal.



 Madison: Is love, family, it is pretty. Love for my teachers

Brakiah Burk: A time to worship God and Jesus. Also to sellebrate Jesuses birthday. It is also to see what your parents have got you for Christmas presents and to sing Christmas songs like jingle bells roodalh the red nosed reindeer and to go coaroling in a sleigh.

Adrian: Christmas means to me to rember Jesus on his birthday on December, 25. It is not all about the presints. It’s all about speding time with your famle.

Cory: Christmas means to me helping utherz fill better evey chrstmas day. Evey win you are bad God sill remember you no muatr wiht. And be wiht my family and feird.

Tonita: Love and when Jesus was born.

Micah: It meane to me that I whit I whil do whith my life.


Eli: To make the world the happys place on earth.

Janey: Christmas means Jesuss birth and shend time with your family.

 Devin: Christmas means to me it is the time we sholb beleve.

 Alexis: Christmas means to me is selubrating Jeus brith.

 Elijah: Christmas means to me makenig peple happy.

Raegan: Christmas to me is a time to be happy because Jesus was born and he died on the cross for us.

Katelynn: Christmas means to me to selbrat Jese and my family and to selbeat God.

Cody: Spiding time with mom and dad. Remembering god. Family gathing aurod.

Clara: That you git to-gether with yor frints and family and bringing care for uthes! And giving Christmas chers!

Andrew Schnell: Christmas means to me spend with family and parents and borther and sister and causens and friend and Mrs. Miller and other teachers.

 Mason: Is spinding time whith my femley and frens and giveing gifts to other.

Harmoney: I licke Christmas be ckus Christmas I git to be with am family!



Jason: Christmas is the favorite year. And it is my favorite time of holiday.

 Raeann: What Christmas means to me Christmas means about god I belive in Jesus and my brothers and my mom and my Aunt Angie.

Dayven: Christmas to me love santa breangs a lot toys that what means to me.

Gia: I love Christmas. It is fun beycus I get to be with my family. It is a specol time uf yaer.

Augustine Frost: I love Christmas becaus it is Jesus birthday. I love Christmas becaus we get to gather as a family.

 Genica: Christmas is a filing of love and peace win the black peple wer slave thay bib not now Christmas was giving time to think about love onw.

Boden: I love momey and dadey and god and santa.

Judah Hogan: Christmas means to me for everey one to celebrate. Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. It is the most funest holiday of the year. You can spend the whole day with your family.

Braxton: Toys, snow, God, famiy, jesus, angels.

Kaielor: It means family, moms, dads, friends, cousins, santa, raindeer, God, Jesus, and myself.

Kalib: Santa, presents, my family, snow, Gods birthday! Dressing warm.

Brooklyn: Christmas means love a joy and Famliy and Franieds and sitssters and cusers and 4 teachers and cats and dogs and gods birthday.

Dallas: Christmas mean

s joy and happyness and it means your family and some times it means to celebrate the holidays what Christmas means to me is that you can get presents and you always have love with you in your heart.


Gracie: Prays God, think win he dide on the cross for us, win he was born on Christmas, spinding time with each other, haveing fun with eachother, celebrate every holeday that you sellebrate, play with friends, celebrate with friends.

 Jacqueline: It is win you get to be whith your family. You get to fill other felens. You celebrate Jesus birthday. It is win you get to have fun and eat. Being whith your friends.

Brooklyn L:

What Christmas means to me is to blive in santa be nice and belive in Jesus and famaliy and frind’s and Grandma’s and Gratpak ans celebrate and spin time with your famliy ever day you can like we do.

Amelia: I think its about family’s get to gever It’s to have lots and los of fun. Celebrate to god and pray to god. To celebrate whith joy! I bring joy to god

beith day.

Elizabeth: Christmas is about Jesus not about prast, Jesus means you spend time to be with your family and celebtrate with your family. You can celebrate with sick pipple caus they will get beter faster they don’t get beter with no love but if you geve love they will get beter fast. Love is with joy.



Dillon: Christmas means to me like Jesus comes and takes me up to heaven. The most thing I love about Christmas is Jesuses birthday. I love Christmas because we get presents.

 Destiny: The most inport

int thing to me on Christmas is Jususe’s Birthday. And I don’t think that the present’s are inportint oley some times but it is also a cheerful time of year of all and it is also a time of year when we furgive and care for each other.

Troy: Christmas means to me it meant to smpnd tim with your femly.

Dakota: Gods bath day and Christmas Cheer.

Tara: We deckrat the Christmas tree and spand a littl time with my famiy playen in the snow with your DaD or Mom and deckrat your house open your parints.

Taliyah Borin: Is that it is Jeues brithday. It means to me that he died on the cross for our sin. It means

to me that it is all about Jeues. It means that god did everything for us. It means to me that Chrimas is asome.

Nathan: Christmas means to me for loveing your famy and forgiveing for other and haveing fun. It means selberateing Jueasus Brthday and opening prenst’s.

 Mckenzie: Christmas is a halleday to me it is abaot, Jeesesu berthe. And decradening the tree. Billding you a fiyer to cepe you warm.

Zoie Rupe: Christmas means to me becauze of Jesus birth. And I like Sants becauze he give us presents. And my elf on the shelf. And my mom and dad.

Camerin: Christ means means to me a lot becuz I spen time with my mom and my dad. And it is fun. And we can open prazen. And we can look in our stoting and find cande and the prazen are big and small.

Dylan Whitehead: Coun


ty means santa gives presints and I at u will giv yuw a lot of presinss ant u luves all of us and so wel uve santa and if your bad he will giv yuw 1 presint.

Tori Weidler: What Christmas means is all about God and hes only sune. Its not about gifts. P.s. if or node yall get a pare of undreware.

Emily: About God and Jesuse and a nice famly and good food but most of all life and our freedum.

 Jackson: Wen it is time for chrimas I am happy. Becas it is Gods barthy. I alwas wonder wen it is gods barthy wat happens in hevin.

 Jacie: It means to spend time with my family. And decertate the tree. Oh and baking cookies. Having fun and being thankful.

 Tucker: I get presents and I can give santa cecies and put decarieshones and puting up the chrismas tree.

 Kaleb: Christmas is about Juses.

 Jair: It means to spend time with mom and dad. It is not ubat gifts it is abat god and his sure.

 Myranda: Christmas means to me that you should be nice to each other when you lonly. Be thank tool to each other.

Alex: Christmas means Jesus that’s what Christmas means to me. And Christmas is Jesus’s birthday! I love Christmas is the best day of the year.



Allie Free: Christmas is not just about presents it is abut God’s birthday.  My family gets to together and open presents.  I get to see a lot of my family.  I am glad that Christmas is real.  I am glad that I get to open presnts with my falmy.  I am glad Santa is real.  I get to spend Christmas with my falmy.

Nick Williams: What Christmas means to me is Joy and Jolly and Jesus and presents and God.

Lily Rowland: It means to me I get to go to my friends house and get to go to O.M.M.A.,  go to see Santa Cluse at Walmart, and go home. And the next day I have presents.  I will be happy and play with thim.

Sean Sullivan: Toys and wiis and games and Christmas tree and Jesus’s birthday is Christmas Happy holidays.

Clay McMellon: Toys. Christmas tree. Jesus’s birthday.  Christmas food.

Charley Mishler: Christmas means to me so much because I can deckrote the Christmas tree.  I get presents to and it is so special.

Alivia Latham: Christmas is a time we should all believe in our hearts and everywhere.  And care for our loved ones every single day of our lives.  And care for people that are very sick.  And care for our friends and family.  Christmas is not all about the presents.  Its about what’s inside that counts.

Yennyte Tecson: What Christmas means to me is that I spend time with my family and open presents with my family and celebrate Jesus birthday.

Haydyn Wells: Christmois is when folmilies get together and magic happens.

Lorelei McQuarde: Christmas to me, is when you spend time with your family all together.

Beau Vaughn: Its about Santa and Christmas trees and presents and toy in there and Rain Deer.

Sammantha Brischke: To me it means spending time with my family and my pets.  Also having a lot of fun with my family and friends.  Christmas to me also means giving to other people.

Isabel Cross: It means giving not takeing away.  Christmas is what people care about. It’s for sharing, careing.  It is for love and joy.  It means a lot about my family.

Jolina Butterfield: I like Christmas because I get to spend time with my family.  Sunshine, Acelynn, Mom, Dad and Emma.

Evan Leonard: Christmas is the best because we got the best present an it was God.  God gave us the best present and it was him. 

Jordan Wagner: It means to me that when Jesus was born on Christmas.  I think that is awesome that Jesus was born on Christmas and it was a mircal for all of us and Mary got to have Jesus.  And it is so, so, so awesome to have Jesus, God’s son inour life’s.

Jackson Howard: Christmas means to give something to someone like a present or a toy.

Reese Montgomery: To me Christmas means to be with your family and giving and God. 

Adee Gray: Chrismas is asking boys and girls.  I love Christmas.  And Christmas is good.  And I will get toys.  The good thing is I have a elf on the shelf.

J D Murphy: A time when we get together and presents, to love family.



Lauren: I love Christmas becase I love Jeses.  I love my family, and presents, and friends. I love decorations, and angels, and teachers, and love, and birth, and cloths, and bookes, and celrate, and pichers, and casens, and chilgrin, and urth, and food, and planits, and Christmas, and bay of the  month, and trees, and candeay, and colors, and rods, and car, and trucks, and water, and tocking and people, and shoes, and hear, and drinks, and pintle, and ipades, and names.

Dani Gibbs: What Christmas means to me.  Jesus birthday friends my family presents the earth.

Colton: It gifts, sing, Jesus birth, friends, decorations

Catie: I love presents.  I love family.  I love friends.  I love God.  I love celebrate.  I love food.  I love Gesus birthday.  I love books.  I love clothes.  I love bords.  I love parsols.

Elijah: Christmas is all that means to me is celebrating Cristmas and getting presents and being good having cookies and hot choclate and God and Jesuses birthday and angels birthdays.

Michael: It means to me my family and God, cousisns, my friends, my crist, Jesus, my teacher, the  bearcutj Jesus is birthday.

Bracee: It menas a lot to me.  I is Jesus’s birthday. I can spend time with my family.  We can decorate our stuff. Every year we go Christmas Carling.

Cooper Hayes: It’s all abut Jesus is birthday.

Kaylee Smith: I love my family, angles, Jesus and friends, god, gifts, decorations!!

Briannon Martin: I like to spin time with my family.  I like Jesus.  I like to celebrate Christmas.  I like my techer.  I love Christmas.

Abigail: Christmas means to me is it’s all about me and my family speads time together and cookies, hot chochlate and celebrating Jesus’s Birth on Christmas Eve.

Mitchell: I like Christmas because you can spend time wife yure famle!  I like to celebrate Christmas.  I like Choclet. And I git presents.

Jeanette Kyle: Presents, famly, decorations, angels, chochlates.

Aurdra: Frenids and family and Mr. Hooper he is the best sub and Christmas.

Karley: Jesuses birth. And spinding time with your family and friends and giving to others.

Alexis: It’s mostley about spending time with your family and friends but mostley about Jesuses birthday.

Bailey Heald: It means to me is love from Jesus because he died on the cross for our sin

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