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Hope, help offered to those battling cancer

After losing her mother, Clarice Tisher, to cancer, Teena Brown was inspired to offer assistance to those who are fighting against cancer.

“In September of 2008 I lost my mother, Clarice Tisher, to Acute Leukemia,” Teena explained. “As she prepared for chemotherapy treatments, she was told she would lose her hair. At the hospital for her treatments, we asked about where we might go to find assistance with wigs, etc., and they referred us to the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation in Fort Smith, Arkansas.”

Teena said she and her mother were able to visit the Reynolds Foundation.

Upon arriving at the Reynolds facility they were greeted with open arms and friendly faces eager to help.

“Mother spent an hour or so trying on wigs, hats, and scarfs and was treated like a queen!  The smile on her face was priceless, and that was the happiest I had seen her in a while. Mother and I talked all the way home about how Mena could use something similar to what Reynolds had to offer,” Tenna said, noting Mena is secluded from where many women go for treatments.

“It becomes an issue physically and financially for many of them to travel back and forth to larger cities for care and support,” Tenna said. “I made a promise to my mother that I would work on providing services similar to the Reynolds Facility in Mena for cancer patients.”

Unfortunately, her mother didn’t live to see this happen, but her memory lives through Teena, who says her mother’s passion helps see her through her goals.

After losing her father to Alzheimer’s disease in March of 2009 and following the tornado in April of that same year,  Michelle Ross of The Look Salon in Mena offered Teena a space to store wigs and to also continue her career as a cosmetologist.

Teena began work on her project, and it became a non-profit organization in 2012. The services Teena offers in Clarice’s Room of Hope depend on funding and current inventory.

“However, with God’s support, a promise I made to mother, and my passion and determination, I am confident this service will grow bigger and better,” Teena said.

And it has. In the past eight years, Clarice’s Room of Hope has helped many undergoing cancer treatments.

“I have now helped over 50 women as they deal with the effects of cancer treatment. Cancer is very devastating, and if through my service I can give someone their smile back, it is all worth it!”

Teena has been a licensed cosmetologist for 39 years and offers one-on-one consultations to assist in finding the perfect wig, turban, or scarf needed to give the best results possible. These services are free to any men and women going through chemo radiation causing hair loss.

“A lot of people think this is just for women, but it is not. We are here to help everyone,” she said, noting she can supply men’s and children’s wigs, as well as prosthetics.

“The goal is to make the fight easier – whether that’s a wig for a self esteem boost or helping to ease the financial burden of the costs associated with fighting cancer,” Teena said. “It isn’t just about wigs. It is about caring for those who are fighting.”

Services offered may include skin care, nail care for during and after treatment, support group meetings, one-on-one make-up sessions, and others.

Clarice’s Room of Hope is a local Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization. All donations are tax deductible.

For a consultation contact Teena Brown, Founder and President of Clarice’s Room of Hope at 479-385-5071.

Courtesy photo from Clarice’s Room of Hope

Wigs, skin care, make-up and more are offered at Clarice’s Room of Hope to individuals who are fighting cancer. The non-profit was started by Teena Brown,  in memory of  her mother, Clarice Tisher.

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