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Mena Intermountain Airport to Receive $270,000 Grant from FAA

Mena Intermountain Airport is one of eight airports in the state that will receive grant funding from the Federal Aviation Administration. Over $4.1 million will be shared between the chosen airports. Mena will receive $270,000 out of that total.

According to Airport Manager Will Robbins, all airports of good size are required by the FAA to maintain strict standards. Those standards are maintained throughout the industry by conducting plans such as the ten-year and forty-year plans that Mena Airport has.

The airport did not have to apply for such a grant it’s something the FAA does in trying to determine what the needs of an airport will be in the next 10-40 years by conducting studies with these types of grant funds.

Robbins stated, “It s something the FAA wants us to do. You need to know where you’re going and what’s going on. It’s so the airport can be ready for future deeds. It’s a look forward type of thing.”


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