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Public Golf Course in Need of Help


In the late 1920’s, Mena Golf Association deeded land over to the Mena Lions Club that has become known as Mena Lions Club Public Golf Course. For almost a century, the greens and clubhouse have been open for the enjoyment of Polk County citizens and visitors. For several years the property also sported a ballpark.

In 1982, the sand greens were updated to grass greens and has been maintained by three managers over the last twenty-two years. The most recent manager’s family maintained the grounds for over twenty of those years and has now moved on, leaving the Lions Club scrambling to find a replacement. Until a replacement is chosen, the Lions Club is asking for volunteers to bring the landscape and clubhouse back ‘up to par.’ “We’re going to start trying to get it cleaned back up. It’s in a bit of a lurch right now but we’ve already gotten started. Some of us started last week with weed eating, brush hogging, and such,” stated Larry Stewart, of the Mena Lions Club.

Once the 9-hole course re-opens, greens fees and yearly fees for individuals, couples, and families will be charged at a relatively low price. Stewart stated “There are no concessions and right now, no golf carts. But, when we get a new manager we look forward to having carts.”

Stewart added, “Any volunteers would be much appreciated. They can call me at 479-394-3901 and I’ll be glad to work with them. Right now it’s unplayable but we are going to try to get it back in shape by this fall or next spring.”


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