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Polk County Judge Brandon Ellison Announces Bid for Third Term

Polk County Judge Brandon Ellison [R] has announced his plans to seek a third term to the county’s highest seat. Ellison, a Mena native, is the county’s first Republican to ever hold that office.

“After completing three years as County Judge it seems odd that it is already time to announce plans that I intend to seek a third term, but, that is our system. Two-year terms certainly can serve to keep one humble,” said Ellison as he made his formal announcement. “I want to thank the Polk County citizens for allowing me to serve and I look forward to the opportunity to continue to achieve the milestones and goals we have set for our county.”

Ellison acknowledged the challenging economy the county has been in for all three of his years and credited the sacrifices of many for the county being able to maintain when many other rural counties find themselves operating at a deficit or cutting services. “There is no doubt that we have been in an extremely difficult economic cycle in the past several years and I am proud of the sacrifices our citizens, employees, elected officials, and Quorum Court members have willingly made to keep us up and running in the black. Economic cycles are just that, cycles, and they will change for the better soon.”

Facing his share of natural disasters, Ellison is confident that with the experience he has gained, he can continue to move the county forward. “If re-elected I plan to continue with the realistic long term county road and bridge improvement plan. A plan, that is on schedule, in spite of three federally declared disaster events in three years. With the benefit of three years of experience in this position, I believe that I have a firm grasp on the challenges we face and the ability to make decisive and effective decisions.”

His time in office has also given him the opportunity to build relationships with other county leaders. “I also understand the importance of the collective support of our seventy-five fellow counties in the state, through the County Judges Association of Arkansas. We share ideas, experiences, and resources. In 2013 I had the distinct honor of selection by my peers, and currently serve on the Executive Board of the association. When I took office in 2011, I made a commitment to work hard, to manage the county efficiently, to develop and implement a realistic long term county road and bridge plan, to be fair, equitable, and consistent, and, when required, to have the discipline to say no. I believe that I have complied with those commitments. I hope that I have been able to gain your trust and if not, I encourage you to get to know me and give me that chance.”

Ellison is currently the only person to formally announce his candidacy for the office.


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