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Vandervoort and Grannis Polling Stations Hope to Reopen


The Polk County Election Commission met for a meeting on Thursday, December 10 to discuss the reopening of polling stations in the south part of the county. Vandervoort and Grannis polling stations have been closed during several of the most recent elections due to not having enough volunteers to fill the positions required to remain open.

While being closed, voters from those polls have had to cast their votes in Cove and Wickes. However, members of the communities of Vandervoort and Grannis have worked diligently to find replacements so their polling stations could be reopened. At Thursday’s meeting, Commissioners voted to reopen the polls at those two stations, as long as the volunteers get their required training. In the event that training is not completed, the polls will remain closed. Upon completion of training, the polls are expected to reopen in February 2016.